About Us

Virden Perma-Bilt Co. was founded and started by Ben and Bethel Virden more than 50 years ago. Their hard work and dedication to serve the farmer and rancher is what makes Virden Perma-Bilt the going business it is today! Ben Virden's son, Joe Virden and his wife Jenny, have been added to the Perma-Bilt line and they strive to continue giving good service, quality products at the lowest prices possible. None of our products sold are jobbed, we manufacture everything we sell, from our tank coatings, roof coatings, pavement crack fillers, and mastics, to our windmill parts.

Visit Virden Perma-Bilt's Showroom to inspect all Items we Manufacture and sell.

Virden Perma-Bilt has installed a Jensen pump jack working at a regular windmill speed pumping under pressure in their showroom located on the premises. This pump is moving water 365 days a year, 24 hours a day Our urethane/epoxy lined Perma barrel is used along with our top and bottom urethane cast Perma checks. We cast our epoxy lined barrel with clear epoxy for this particular demonstration. Now we can monitor the complete action of the water lift, cup deflection, and check ball movement. It is available to watch anytime during business hours. I might add, everything Virden Perma-Bilt has to offer can be seen in the showroom. Nothing we sell is jobbed or brought from someone else. We manufacture everything we sell in relation to coatings and urethane and epoxy cast windmill products, black top and concrete crack fillers, and roof mastics.