UE No. 12 Elastomeric Coating

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This coating was developed especially for repairing of roofs of metal buildings and for complete repair of cracks in swimming pools. There will be hundreds of other places where the UE #12 will be the only material that can serve. It is applied by brushing.

A quonset-type barn or any low-pitch roof of corru gated, galvanized iron often has leaks at the seams or where each metal sheet laps another. It is necessary to coat the lap joint and only one or two inches on each side of the crack. In most cases a second coat is not required. The combined thickness will be 15 mils or more. This is four times as thick as house paint. With in 48 hours after application, it is possible to walk between the supporting purlins and the rubber-like UE #12 will stretch but will always recover. It will not break. The roof or wall has been sealed forever.

UE #12 stretches like rubber elongation, is 1,000 % tensile strength and is 2,400 P.S.I. Most impor tant is that the UE #12 will not deteriorate as it is exposed to the ultraviolet rays of the sun and to ozone. These two elements limit the use of rubber or neoprene coatings. UE #12 is exceptionally abrasive resistant if placed in an environment of erosion. The most commonly prepared color of the UE #12is light gray.

UE #12 will experience a color change after ex posure to the sun. This has no effect on the physical properties of the coating.

For any swimming pool repair, the UE #12 is the answer. Any cracks can be repaired, and when the pool is filled, the cracks open the same as before but the UE #12 stretches and no leaks occur.

The UE #12 will serve best where there is some degree of movement that will normally crack a rigid coating.

Extensive tests and experiments since 1970 have re vealed that UE #12 can be applied inside metal and concrete grain storage bins to form a completely air-tight condition that may never be accomplished otherwise.

Of course the terrific elongation will allow the corru gated, galvanized metal to expand in the sun's heat and contract when cold without breaking the film that pro tects each lap joint. The same is true with a concrete structure that will eventually allow cracks to appear.

The corrugated iron sheets that granaries and build ings are made with may be coated only at lap joints and over nails and bolts. Possibly only 1/6th of the entire area would be covered. UE #12 is the complete solution for silos.

The adhesion of UE #12 to aluminum is so perfect that the mobile home industry will employ tremendous quantities as a covering over the smooth aluminum roofs. This prevents damage from hail. It contributes to sound-deadening from the wind vibrating the roof and eliminates placing unsightly automobile tires on top of pretty mobile homes for quietness.

A two-coat brushed coating of UE #12 normally will cover 100 sq. ft. Converting this to a 2" strip, there are approximately 600 linear feet possible.

Any kit of UE #12 is complete with the primer for metal or non-metal. There is cleaner supplied in each kit to clean brushes and hands. Complete directions are on the containers.

UE #12 does not contaminate any drinking water vessel after complete cure.

Excellent repair for all types of liners, swimming pools, tanks, vinyl, etc.

4-quart kit -- wt. 10 lbs.

4-gallon kit -- wt. 40 lbs.

Please call for a cured sample.

Please call for discount prices and immediate shipment.


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