TM-White Roof Coating

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TM-White is a product much like the white stripping material used on pavements for controlling traffic. Much of this is still in use after many years of traffic crossing it. In fact, there is no good way to remove it. The city and state employees normally paint tar over it if traffic patterns are changed.

TM-White with age becomes more wear-resistant and waterproof. TM-White could not be a protective coating against large hail. It is impossible to engineer a coating against large hailstones.

A coating of TM-White over a previously black or colored roof can reduce air conditioning costs as much as 20%.

We have observed black roofs that had the TM-White applied next to the black tar paper and tar. A person could lay his face on the white where he could not bear to hold his hand on the black section. This was on a day of 80 or more temperature.

Emphasis must be placed on the fact that the black roof absorbs so much that given enough time this absorbed heat will destroy the paper, tar, and decking materials. The interior of the building has to contain this heat. More insulations are required under the roofing to prevent this heat from raising the temperature in the rooms below.

A TM-White roof will, of course, reflect the sun's heat back and the roofing materials will not be undergoing this terrific heat. The attic or space between ceiling and roof will never be nearly so hot. A small amount of insulating materials above the ceiling will do better than the large amounts that are required for black roofs.

TM-White can be applied by anyone. The best application is with a wide paint brush. This material flows and levels as well as the best house paint. There is just the right amount of solvent in TM-White so that it will merge or fuse with the tar on built-up roofs or with the asphalt in composition shingles.

Note this very thick viscous material. Normal paint weighs approximately 7 lbs. Our TM White weighs 13 lbs. per gallon. This roof coating is NOT a paint. It is a very heavy bodied material with an excellent adhesion factor to any tar or asphalt base product. The white is a tremendous advantage for reflecting heat.

The better application is two coats because you are adding thickness to the cover. At the low price of TM-White, a two-coat job is very reasonable. TM-White will normally dry to touch within thirty minutes to one hour.

Reports that roofs with considerable pits and signs of erosion which were leaking in numerous places, were stopped and a very attractive roof was obtained. Throughout our tests we were able to cover 100 square feet or better of area on tar-paper roofs.

The coverage may be somewhat less on composition shingles because in brushing the joint cracks and the lower edges of the shingles will have a thicker deposit of TM-White.

M.A. Black Primer Only

For old tar-paper roofs that have not been recoated with tar for a long time, it is our recommendation that our MA-Black be applied over the roof twelve or more hours before the top coat is applied.

Our MA-Black is a mineral asphalt. This is to say it is an asphalt that is mined and is not a petroleum product. Nearly all asphalt materials, paints, and coating on the market employ an asphalt that is a product of the oil industry. This asphalt cannot compare in quality to the mineral-asphalt, MA-Black.

MA-Black can be brushed or sprayed onto tar paper roofs as it is not used on composition shingles or rolled composition. It dries in thirty minutes to where it can be walked on and will never become sticky even if the temperature becomes several hundred degrees Fahrenheit. This is not the case with petroleum asphalt.

Our MA-Black covers approximately the same area per gallon as does the TM-White. The price is about one-half the price of TM-White. Together they make what we believe is the greatest roof coating known.

All roofing besides MA-Black or TM-White should be applied by trained or experienced roofers. With MA-Black or TM-White, the homeowner or common laborer can coat a residence or business building. A man, a bucket, and a brush are all that are necessary. Common naptha is the cleanup material used.

Available in 1 gallon and 5 gallon cans. Naptha available for cleanup.

Please call for discount prices and immediate shipment.


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