Coating For Metal Roofs

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Not a Paint! This heavy bodied snow white coating has been especially formulated for all types of metal roofs, corrugated, V-crimp, flat sheet etc. There is over 11,000 sq. feet of this coating on the five metal buildings at the Virden Perma-Bilt premises. It was put on in 1976. We sell hundreds of gallons of this metal roof coating a year, by just having the customer evaluate the roofs when they are at the plant! There is no fading or cracking on any of the metal roofs. "Come See"! Excellent adhesion, no primer required. Apply generously on the lap seam, joints, nail or bolt heads for definite water proofing! Snow white in color, (25% cooler because of the white color, does not fade). The cohesion to itself is excellent in case of hail damage. Simply cover the damaged area and because of its thickness, you cannot tell where the hail stone hit! One five gallon can should cover 350 sq. feet with two coats. Special colors blended on 40 gallon or more orders. Have your metal roofs be dry and rust proof with our inexpensive coating. It literally cements the sheet metal down on the roof along with the nail or bolt head. Available in one and five gallon cans. When all else fails fix it and forget it with Perma-Bilt.

Ideal for Every Metal Roof, Barn, Storage Shed, Mobile Home, Dwelling, etc.

Elastomeric Roof Mastic Paste

It's the age old story, everyone complains about the tar, roof paste, cold patch, etc., not doing the job when applied on a person's roof to stop leaks, or insure against leaking! 99% of the failures are due to no elasticity and poor adhesion.

Now, Virden Perma-Bilt Company has solved these problems! After developing and selling Virden's famous T.M. White Roof Coating, for over 25 years, they have developed and perfected, after 3 years of testing in the field, a flexible elastomeric mastic paste that retains its flexibility, its adhesion, is excellent to all asphalt and tar roof products, composition shingles, rolled composition, rolled tar paper, wood, metal flashing, brick, etc.

This thickotopic paste is used to bridge wide cracks, gaps. Apply on roof edges, (rain water is notorious for being blown in these roof edges, traveling many feet to a leak point). Applying roof mastic paste on the roof edge works wonders! Afterwards, sealing the roof area with Virden Perma-Bilfs famous T.M. White Roof Coating, will ensure years of maintenance free roof problems.

Fix it and forget it with Virden Perma-Bilt products.

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