Black Top Sealer

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The engineering department has now formulated a very effective asphalt black top sealer.

Every experienced black top man will tell you that any black top area is just like the wood trim on a house. It needs a sealer to protect against deterioration, sun, ozone, ultraviolet, water, etc.

Virden's black top sealer does just this!!!

Greatly reduces cracking and movement as it adds to the elasticity of the black top material, for up to two years. Accompanying photo shows before and after results.

No special equipment or personnel required. A squeegee or large mop brush is all that is needed. Dries completely and ready for traffic in five hours. Will not stay gooey and track in on auto or office carpet. Ideal combination is filling cracks first with Virden Crack Filler and then applying Virden's Black Top Sealer.

Wood Concrete Foam Coating

Originally Virden Perma-Bilt invented this coating for all types of foam product protection. Then, later field tests proved excellent results for water-proofing all types of wood surfaces.

So now, we offer this new inexpensive WCF coating (it's not quite as good as our famous Epoxy Tank Coating) for jobs that do not need the BEST! This NEW, durable coating is designed for foam and wood. Compared to urethanes, epoxies, and plastic coatings it does the job at a great savings! Snow white in color, it refracts the sun's heat wonderfully. Will not fade or chalk, and adhesion is excellent.

Regular paint weighs approximately 7 Ibs. per can. Our coating for foam and wood weighs 13 Ibs. per gallon. This coating is NOT a paint. WCF Coating is a very heavy-bodied viscous coating that SEALS! Very easy to apply. Simply brush on two coats for a powerful sealing capacity.

Please call for discount prices and immediate shipment.


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