Polyester Laminating Resin and Fiberglass Products

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Polyester laminating resin. This is the same resin used in the automobile and boat industry. (Available in gallons and quarts). Methyl Ethyl Ketone Peroxide (MEKP) is the standard hardener (catalyst). 2 oz. bottle enough to harden one gallon.

Virden Perma-Bilt Co. has a complete line of fiberglassing products. Heavy-duty cloth, cross sectional matt and fillers. Also a complete line of polyester laminating resins, catalyst, and color pigments that can be mixed in the resin eliminating paint jobs, plus acetone solvent for cleanup. Virden's polyurethane boat paint is unequaled for marine applications.

We also offer a complete line of epoxy casting resins. These epoxy resins have less than 1% shrinkage (where polyester resin has 8% to 10% shrinkage). The epoxy tensile strength almost equals that of nylon. Also a complete line of mold release agent for epoxy, urethane, a polyester is available.

Some ranchers and farmers still prefer to repair stock tanks with fiberglass resin and cloth material. In many cases where you have very large holes in the walls of your tanks, the combination of our epoxy paste and fiberglass cloth material is unbeatable! You can repair a hole the size of a football if needed.

Solid Urethane Hammerhead Mallet

How many times have you dented or damaged the surface of some soft metal, wood, or plastic because your metal hammerhead was too hard?

Virden Perma-Bilt Company has now cast a solid urethane hammerhead mallet guaranteed for life!!! It is a solid cast piece of urethane, with hammerhead and handle as one. Dead weighted for maximum effect. All one piece. Cannot break or come loose! This hammerhead is made out of the same material that we make our famous windmill cups from. We offer a lifetime guarantee with this hammer against chipping, wearing, cracking or splitting, any type of normal shop use.

Every ranch, farm, machine shop, hobbiest and handy man should have one. Do not confuse this urethane hammer with the black rubber and yellow plastic hammers you see in hardware and department stores. None of these come close in quality to our urethane force hammerhead.

Makes wonderful birthday and holiday gifts. (It's different.)

Virden Perma-Bilt has been marketing various elastromer urethanes for farm, ranch and industry for over 40 years.

Please call for discount prices and immediate shipment.


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